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Rants galore - schansuperrad
Rants galore
My family is seriously messed up I swear I don't even get how I'm related to them.
So this morning my alarm clock goes off and I start to get up (it's like 8:00 or so).  Mom comes up the stairs screaming her head off that someone 'locked the computer'.  Naturally being the only person in this whole house who's not a dipshit I'm the only one who can figure out computer stuff so I have to litteraly jump out of bed run downstairs and de-fuck the computer. (I'm not even kidding here she was fucking screaming and screaming for me to get down stairs.)
So not being s dumbass I quickly figure out 2 things.
1. Someone put this password shit up
2. Restart the damn computer and see what happens.

so I did that all the while Dad telling me noone put the password shit up... and me saying someone had to because computers don't do that shit on their own.... Didi I mention all the while I have an awful earache and headache and my throat is sore as crap?... yeeeeeah, but even still ... DADDY still fucking argues with me.

Look people when I know I'm right beyound a doubt I will fucking argue it out maybe not so much with ya'll on something but when it comes to my family I tend to not like their dumbassary since I've been living with it for 16 years.

So yeah I 'fix' the stupid crap that was wrong and these assholes can't even give me a 'thank-you' or anything and choose to keep arguing with me over stuff I know 10 times better than they do.

So I end up going to my 'old' room to watch TV ebcuase the upstairs TV won't work because the wiring upstairs suck... (it's old becuase it's my grandma's room now and noone would compromise on putting dad upstairs and me and my brother dividing the two small rooms he has now).
So I'm in there and I just kinda pass out...
they make sure I sleep until a few minutes till 3 pm

.. knowing it's a sunday.
knowing I have to be up at 5:30 tommorrow morning.
knowing I had a lot to do today.
...Like write a damn poem for english class... I don't write poems and now I have to write  a whole poem becuase my group decided "let's give everyone one poem" rather than just doing all the poems tougher and I was going to pull Katie over here and get her help but with all the other crap I have to do I don't have time now.
And honestly... why start on that crap now?  I'm half asleep and my head's killing me so it won't really help.
They can just find some air to eat for dinner because I am not cooking tonight.  I don't know what mom's going to do for grandma but she always waits until it's late as crap to go shopping or decide to send me shopping (which I'm not going to do today either) ... so I hope mom plans on feeding her is all I can say.

Anyway party related stuff from last night.
Didn't think to ask weather or not it was outside or inside so I didn't even think about wearing my black pants under my skirt so yeah it was outside... kinda cold but not that bad considering I've worn skirts short in cold like that before. (it's really wierd for me to say that considering that I'm the one who complains that none of her jackets are really warm).

It was pretty rad though just a shame more people didn't show up.  And I don't even know why but last night was like A.D.D. for me, we'd be standing there and I'd just be mouthing the words to just about every song just really joining in on too many conversations.
I don't know what came over me last night I'm usually not so to myself, then again I'm used to going to parties with Brittany or just knowing everyone there a little better.  It was stull pretty good though and it was awesome to be out of the house even if it was kinda cold. :p

On that note of knowing people Rebekah was there (still can't spell that name to save my life) well I'm glad we got along (she makes good brownies! lol)  but it's not like I'm going to blame her for that crap that happened before school because it was mostly Tim's 'brother' doing it all and everyone in that situation got screwed with so just blaming it on one person would be idiotic and Tim probably did say all that crap to her so can't get too mad that she believed it.

The only way I could really stay mad about that is if people kept bringing it up but as long as it drops I'm cool with it even if it did put me through an unblieviable amount of stress.... well I'm cool with everyone besides Tim's 'brother' or whatever he was becuase seriously he knew he was doing that crap and starting shit and even then aobut a month after he invites Tim and Brittany to a wedding... and appearently he hates Brittany o_O... but yeah. 
On the good side for Tim he's supposed to be dropping out of school and joining the military...it floored me he made a 28 out of 31 on the asbab and he rushed through the test when Brittany's mom told me that yesturday my entire view of the world was shot to shit. lol!!
cause he's suppose to be stupid D:
He might not be here when the baby is born and I figure I'll end up at the hospital with Brittany so I should probably keep at leats a day or two to miss open for later in the year. 
I'm really trying to adjust to all this but it's still hard to think of her as carrying a child, but I suppose I'm getting there.

Anyway going to go get stuff done and try to get rid of this headache.

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