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So I'm going to worry about layout and putting up more icons tommorrow being that it's 10:00.. .but yeah my old journal never once got a layout change cause I just got THAT lazy.

So anyway usually I wouldn't start typing a new journal at 10:00 on a school night but I didn't get in until nearly 9:00 and had to feed cats do laundry (still got a litter box to clean) and yadda yadda yadda.

So I avoided my shift for french club ... sicne I was soooo 'stupid' and picked the last shift of the night by the time I was supposed to start working they were packing up.  8D pwnage~! So I spent most of the night hanging out with people and kicking a soccer ball around cause... HOMG we're supposed to have a soccer team this year.  So I signed up alreayd and a lot of people I know did.

Because of all the wonderful knocking my legs had last night when I went to get candy with Brittany, Tim, Orin Katie and... stalker guy D: (he asked me for a frapin kiss... o_O... we dated and yeah long story but dating someone for 19 hours why would yo ukiss them 4 months down the road when you never did in the first place)
so maybe that's a little prude but whatever the kid's creepy

but yeah shins are all kinds of bruised and then all the running I did today before and after family fun night didn't help but at least I got off my arse and did something.

So yeah all in all glad I went (cause I seriously did not want to go earlier).

only real problems I had was there was a total lack of hay ride and rock wall was for 17 and up unless parents signed something or something like that and my mom couldn't go cause of her work... (I would've busted my ass like last year but still I felt like doing something stupid)

but ZOMG the snakes were so cool and I made kissy faces at one while petting it on the head jdshrfjghsjIWANTEDTOTAKEONEHOMEBUTMOMWOULDKILLME
and that's a really bad idea.

So yeah happy after halloween and first post 8D.
if the makeup test for psychology dosen't kill me I'll be back to fix this journal up all nice like tommorrow.

Current Mood: exhausted exhausted
Current Music: Skye Sweetnam: babydoll gone wrong.

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