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schansuperrad's Journal


I’m 16 and I live in the valley.
I’m a spontaneous person especially around friends.

I adore music… anything from rock pop metal and sometimes even rap… I also love Japanese music and I don’t think not being able to understand the lyrics would be a good reason to call it a stupid thing to like, music is universal.

I’ll actually admit to watching anime and cartoons, and I’ll admit I do tend to get into some of the shows a good bit.
Avatar: the Last Airbender is AMAZING and I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same way.
Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the coolest things EVER

I don’t think Harry Potter is the best thing ever written I think it could have been a lot better. (and yes I HAVE actually read all the books so don’t infer that I have only based my opinion off the movies which kind of do actually suck and get rid of the best parts.)

I don’t care about current fashions I dress in clothes that I like people’s opinion of them don’t matter because they aren’t the ones wearing them.

I’ll be a friend who helps you with problems or at least listens to them, but if the only time you want me around is to help you then you’re not paying me enough to be your ‘dr. Phil’ so if you expect me to be there for you try being there for me sometimes no one likes getting walked on

I really don’t know what I want to do with life after high school, I’ve always kind of wanted to be a novelist and I am actually working on a book which you might see me scribbling notes for in my downtime at school. So maybe I’ll get it published one day or maybe not. I do base a lot of my characters off people I’ve actually met weather or not I like them because I do realize that just because I don’t like someone doesn’t always mean their a horrible person.

I do believe in God and Jesus but I don’t believe in tell you what to do with you’re life or being religiously intolerant and I do consider getting in someone’s face and saying “you’ll go to hell because you don’t believe in my religion” to be extremely intolerant, seriously does anyone ever stop to think that heaven is a place for people who had their hearts in the right place and decided to try and live right rather than people who just believe in something but lived all their life condemning other people.

I’ve been used a lot so I don’t intentionally use anyone so if I ever have I’m very sorry.

I’ll befriend almost anyone I really don’t care what faults you have because mine are probably way worse, there isn’t really many people who I absolutely loathe outside of people who seem to base their lives on talking about other people and people who try to break other people up, yeah everyone has temptations from time to time but it all boils down to respect and if you really cared you’d let your so called ‘love’ be happy.

I’m one of the very few 16-year-old girls who doesn’t think I should be worrying about finding a true love just yet… that’s what your twenties are for I’d rather spend my teenage years having fun.