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Due to the newness of this journal I have yet to make a banner.

Anyway just commemt here and you're in.
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I cannot believe how stupid that was.... seriously stupid.... srsly WTF D:

In the words of Toph.

You can go ahead and let me drown now.


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You know I hardly ever update and it's not like stuff has ceased happening for me IRL... eh it seems I've pretty much fallen out of touch with the majority or everyone anyway.  None of the newer internet places have stuck as well... might as well say besides the exception of a few people my internet life 's been next-to-over for a while :/

ANYWAY reason for updating




>/ may you die happy!

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:D buuut I had fun so it's worth it!

It was all in all just me Hannah Stefan and Michael... I was hoping a few more peeps would have shown up but it was all good. We spent the time waiting to buy wrist bands by walking around downtown Augusta... as always some guy walks by asking for money... and this time I didn't have the luck of being able to sink behind the taller peeps.

Pretty good night... Necessary Evil had to be my favorite of the night even though I pretty much went for Chairleg. :D it was fun for Necessary Evil being right at the front of the stage I was pretty much headbanging the entire time they were on. I actually got hit in the back of the head by the front of Stefan's head and started laughing.

o_o....umm the boys headbanging... :D their hair was like two giant fans... well it was still kinda hot in there but it was all good.

So what else is new... That doomsday tornado happened and ruined the Ides of March Chairleg show for me.... and amazingly didn't screw the house over

And yeah that's about it regardless of BS this spring break was probably one of the best ever and I don't know that I'd change anything even in the slightest.

Even got my prom dress... if I update soon I'll post pics of it... isn't exactly what I really wanted but I like it and after 2 days of searching I was stick of dresses... couldn't close my eyes without seeing dresses @_@ .../ next year I'm just going to design my own and have someone sew it.... because really I have some pretty good ideas.

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So what's new in the world?

I need to catch up with the old online group that much is for sure...

Soccer has proven to be fun and worthwhile... I'm one of the slowest girls (running) but eh I pick my battles and unlike some members of the team I don't have an attitude nor do I consider my name copyrighted. And it's basicily something to do even if it does eat out of my free time there never was much important that I wanted to do with that free time anyway.

Research paper for English is annoying.... srsly annoying but it's at least boosting up the grades...
most projects suck are made of phail and take up too much of my free time but at least the project for Sociology class has offered me the chance to really have fun with a group project.

In the process of registering for classes for next year getting hit by random shit from guidance and my stupid history teacher along the way... probably will be forced to give up my study hall tomorrow to do all that crap. @_@ I WANTED to try and get 2 study halls next year but Dr. Bledsoe or however it's spelled was like "that's cutting it kinda close D:" ...

I DON'T INTEND ON PHAILING CRAP NEXT YEAR and 2 study halls would further help that crap.

not to mention that one fucking week is not enough for me to get will all my teachers and my parents and decide on that kind of crap.

On the bright side my GPA is like a 3.4- something and my class rank is 56 out of 265-ish students.

Baby shower for Brittany Friday...need to go shopping for it... god and prom soon too 2nd smester isn't supposed to be this hectic DX!

Pretty much it the details of my daily life are a long ranting bore and I'm actually sleepy and hungry so I'm going to go

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So I spend 3 hours installing a webcam...

go to bed early cause school is in the morning.

Wake up, and what do you know... 8D my family decided the computer was going to crash (no it wasn't) and removed the webcam...


*not amused*

*very very not amused*

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D: it really sucks.
See last week and the week before I had little or now pain.  LITTLE OR NO! And then... BAM it all just floods back starting around 2 days ago.

only this time it's chosen to tourtue the left side rather than the right.

Oh and to be even more amazing... sonogram results (which my mom had to call and remind my doctors they had when they never contacted us) ... no cyst.


Okay so I couldn't even go to sleep tonight because upon laying down I felt like I was going to puke (which hasn't happened so far) and standign sucks so really only sitting feels okay and it still hurts.

it's like my insides got beat with a bat and they're all bruised.



Anyway on to more amusing things.
The other night I was flicking through channels and I had stopped on The Santa claus 2... well something amusing happened when I changed the channel right in the middle of a speech
SC2:"See I found out my dad was santa when I was about your age and-"

and I didn't pick up on the true epicness until my brother sat in silence for a few secounds before saying "what the fuck?"

and yeah I've wasted the hell out of this break (sooo technicially it's Saturday morning and the break isn't quite over...)... yeah there's not much else to do besides write and play fire emblem seeing as my plans of running and kicking the soccer ball around are getting shot to shit.

I seriously hope whatever it is messing with my insides decides it's okay to let me play soccer this year because I want this SO bad.
Hopefully my doctors will get their thumbs out of their asses and start trying to find out what's wrong instead of telling me "take some tylonel"... BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK! D:... and besides that 4 weeks is not normal.  >/ they better do it soon that way I can condition myself for the initial conditionings... yes I'm sure that made a lot of sence to you all... granted it's 5:36

yeah plenty of sence

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I never knew it was possible to write a 3-page paper all unprepared in under 2 hours.

I feel all kinds of special but I figured the grade might not be too great on it.  Still I could swear that my psychology teacher said we'd have longe on it.

No matter if we really do then I can go make it better... and I can pick on Michael for being wrong about it ...(thought he probably isn't).
And I'll leave this as a lesson to myself to avoid having medical reasons to miss days of school like gettign a sonogram (supposed to get results tommorrow by the way)
it's been a long week.

thank GOD only 2 days of school this week before we get our thanksgiving holidays, I'll be able to work out all the plot bunnies I've had as of late... namely today.

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So today kinda sucked because all day until about an hour after I got home it felt like somethign was stabbign my stomache... not fun

though I did manage to still crack a few jokes at lunch and yell to people in the halls "you got the power of pine saw and the smell of clean!"...All because Aaron in my 1st period math just had to remind me of the old commercials.

Humm have a vocab test in psychology I need to study for ... probably looking at how late it is I'll be studying on the bus before school but what works works I suppose... have to make that test up too and CRAP forgot to put ad for kittens in the Iwanta website again so I'll go and do that after I'm done here.

speaking of psychology how about we're talking about dreams and we have dream journals to do... she mentions dreams where you feel llike you're falling and then I remember my dream from last night and just up and announce to the whole class "I remember my dream now!"
(it had to do with falling off of the sidewalk on highway 421 lol)

So... what else happened today...
finished annoying poem for english project.
spazzed over soccer team stuff D: DOWANTLIKE WOAH.
talk to Crista for the first time in way too long....

and yeah... that's about it.
got out of going to the ring ceremoney crap 8D because I rule but yeah brother better have gotten good pictures of my friends for the yearbook because it seriously seems to me that all year he's made sure not to get any pictures of them and it drives me nuts.... he just got back so I'm going to raid that camera to see ... probably be dissappointed though.

Need to go jean shopping tommorrow night... really one pair of jeans is not fun becuase laundry every night sucks.

And as a random polotical thing.
http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/11/06/obama.colbert/ <--- THIS SUCKS D:
now how am I supposed to blackmail talk my 18 + friends into voting for him when we can't in this State...?

too tired to spell check or read over this rambling endless pit so I'll just go finish doing thigns and go to bed.

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Anyway party related stuff from last night.
Didn't think to ask weather or not it was outside or inside so I didn't even think about wearing my black pants under my skirt so yeah it was outside... kinda cold but not that bad considering I've worn skirts short in cold like that before. (it's really wierd for me to say that considering that I'm the one who complains that none of her jackets are really warm).

It was pretty rad though just a shame more people didn't show up.  And I don't even know why but last night was like A.D.D. for me, we'd be standing there and I'd just be mouthing the words to just about every song just really joining in on too many conversations.
I don't know what came over me last night I'm usually not so to myself, then again I'm used to going to parties with Brittany or just knowing everyone there a little better.  It was stull pretty good though and it was awesome to be out of the house even if it was kinda cold. :p

On that note of knowing people Rebekah was there (still can't spell that name to save my life) well I'm glad we got along (she makes good brownies! lol)  but it's not like I'm going to blame her for that crap that happened before school because it was mostly Tim's 'brother' doing it all and everyone in that situation got screwed with so just blaming it on one person would be idiotic and Tim probably did say all that crap to her so can't get too mad that she believed it.

The only way I could really stay mad about that is if people kept bringing it up but as long as it drops I'm cool with it even if it did put me through an unblieviable amount of stress.... well I'm cool with everyone besides Tim's 'brother' or whatever he was becuase seriously he knew he was doing that crap and starting shit and even then aobut a month after he invites Tim and Brittany to a wedding... and appearently he hates Brittany o_O... but yeah. 
On the good side for Tim he's supposed to be dropping out of school and joining the military...it floored me he made a 28 out of 31 on the asbab and he rushed through the test when Brittany's mom told me that yesturday my entire view of the world was shot to shit. lol!!
cause he's suppose to be stupid D:
He might not be here when the baby is born and I figure I'll end up at the hospital with Brittany so I should probably keep at leats a day or two to miss open for later in the year. 
I'm really trying to adjust to all this but it's still hard to think of her as carrying a child, but I suppose I'm getting there.

Anyway going to go get stuff done and try to get rid of this headache.

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